Evidence-based therapy for mastery over OCD,anxiety, and related disorders.

Ready to embrace uncertainty and combat your fears? We offer evidence-based treatment modalities to help you master your obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and anxiety-related disorders. With compassion and a strong therapeutic relationship, we will work to tailor a treatment plan that best fits your needs and goals.

Disorders We Treat

OCD and Anxiety manifests in a variety of different among individuals. Seeking care requires recognition of the problem, and a willingness to work towards a better state of mental health. At OCDMN we treat OCD and anxiety, as well as a number of related conditions and disorders.

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Treatment Modalities & Formats

Therapy is not one-size fits all. That’s why at OCDMN, to best serve the needs of our clients, we offer a number of therapy formats from in-office to in-home. Additionally, we are trained in many therapeutic protocols such as art therapy and DBT and use them to complement ERP and provide the best care for each client.

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There are a countless number of excellent resources for sufferers of OCD and Anxiety, and resources for family and loved ones as well. Explore our library of books, websites, and even a couple apps.

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Identifying Cognitive Distortions

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