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A Worry Script can also be called an Imaginal Exposure. This is a targeted story written for the purpose of exposing yourself to your deepest fears. It is a made up story where the writer has little or no control over the situation or the outcome. A worry script is useful because it allows the writer to confront the fears instead of turning away or avoiding them. Avoidance is an unhelpful coping strategy people with OCD often use when feeling threatened by intrusive thoughts, triggers or urges. Since fear is avoided, the brain thinks it protects the self and it encourages avoidance. Writing a worry script can help achieve exposure to the fears our brain often tries to avoid.

The key elements to a worry script are to keep it detailed, use your authentic voice and add sensory, emotional and physical aspects that hit the targeted fear. Once you have created your worry script, read it again and again and again. Record the script and play it to yourself. Play the script while doing the scary thing. For instance, if you have obsessive thoughts of harming yourself while cooking, play the script while making dinner.

Remember, with all exposures, repetition helps you tolerate the distress and frees you from the mindtrap of your thoughts.


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How to write a Worry Script