Hello again!

We realize it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from us and we want to let everyone know we’re back! Newsletters are resuming so you will hear from us every two weeks again.

While you’re waiting for our next newsletter, consider joining us for the annual IOCDF 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk in MN on September 18th, 2021 10-11am.

View walk info or join the OCD MN Team!

Can’t make it on the 18th? You can register as a Virtual Walker to show support! The IOCDF also has a Community Walk page you can register for and walk in your community any time during the month of October!

Here are some other upcoming events and workshops we thought you might be interested in:

August 18, 2021: NOCD Webinar: Postpartum OCD & Other Scary Thoughts Moms Have

August 25, 2021: Stuck In The Panic Trap? A Virtual Workshop to Show You How to Unhook From Uncomfortable Thoughts and Feelings: State of Mind Therapy

August 25, 2021: ADAA Building Resilience: How Families Can Prepare for the Uncertain School Year Ahead

Aug 30, 2021: Mental Health Awareness Day at the MN State Fair

Sep 5-11, 2021: National Suicide Prevention Week

Sep 9, 2021: ADAA Supporting Parents – Does Your Child Have Anxiety or OCD?

Sep 11-12, 2021: The IOCDF Online Spanish OCD Conference

Sep 25, 2021: OCD Gamechangers: Adulting with OCD: Young Adult Virtual Retreat

Sep 25, 2021: NAMI Walks

Sep 29, 2021: Live Virtual Parent Workshop for Kids with Anxiety/OCD: State of Mind Therapy

Oct 1-7, 2021: BFRB Awareness Week

Oct 3-9, 2021: Mental Health Awareness Week: NAMI MN Events

Oct 8-10, 2021: The IOCDF Online OCD Conference

Oct 10-16, 2021: OCD Awareness Week

*In case you missed it: NAMI 2021 Hoarding Disorder Conference (July 21, 2021 Recordings Available!)


Stay tuned for more! And, as always, Stay Brave! -The OCD MN Team