Practicing thought diffusion can be an effective method in recognizing your obsessions and reducing the power and energy placed in them.

Here are some ways to practice using thought diffusion:

Thought Defusion Strategy #1

Play the “louder” game with your support person. Start off whispering the thought and repeat it back and forth to each other, increasing volume at each round. 

Thought Defusion Strategy #2

Sing the thought out loud! Sing it proud!

Thought Defusion Strategy #3

Use a silly voice to break up the tension. MInnie Mouse, Oprah, or Captain Jack Sparrow are a few favorites. 

Thought Defusion Strategy #4

Gurgle water while saying the thought

Thought Defusion Strategy #5

Name your thoughts. Sarcastic Sammy, Ruminating Rhonda, Carbonated popcorn. Create a visualization of a character that could embody this thought. Feeling artistic? Maybe you could bring this thought diffusion method further by creating a comic out of it. Stick figures welcome!!


Thought diffusion is one technique that is used to reduce the power we give to sticky thoughts. This method is only one part of the whole process. Give some of these a try or create your own!