Stay Active During Social Distancing: Emily Risinger

We are now experiencing the first weekend of social distancing. Many of us have stumbled on a variety of ways to entertain ourselves, our children and our pets during this time. This is a list of ideas to get your body moving and your brain focused on the present. 

  1. Yard work
  2. Play cards
  3. Call a friend
  4. Write a letter
  5. Bake
  6. Learn a new skill
  7. Draw
  8. Count the stars
  9. Make a scavenger hunt with you and your friends/neighbors. Send pics of found objects
  10. Read jokes
  11. Stretch
  12. Color sheets
  13. Yoga
  14. Deep Breathing
  15. Drink tea
  16. Read
  17. Go for a walk
  18. Take a bath
  19. Look out the window and keep track of the birds you see
  20. Puzzles
  21. Plan your dream bedroom
  22. Write a story
  23. Listen to a podcast
  24. Meditate
  25. Ride a bike
  26. Fly a kite
  27. Garden
  28. Wave at your neighbors
  29. Sing
  30. Video chat over a meal
  31. Knit
  32. Make salt dough
  33. Make handmade cards and mail them
  34. Read out loud with gusto
  35. Learn about another country and their customs
  36. Kick a ball
  37. Jump rope
  38. Give yourself a foot massage
  39. Listen to music
  40. Blow bubbles
  41. Play catch
  42. Jumping jacks
  43. Read poetry
  44. Write a movie review
  45. Download an audio book
  46. Check out your local library online
  47. Have an online gathering
  48. Make a fort
  49. Explore the Little Libraries in your Neighborhood
  50. Create new playlists and share them with your friends

There are many options of what to do with your time, motivation can be a barrier. It is important to keep yourself engaged in other activities besides screen time. Sitting for long periods of time can lower mood and is a set-up for rumination. Stay balanced by setting goals for yourself and limits on screen time.