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Here is this week’s spotlight on Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD:

Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD is characterized by recurrent and persistent intrusive (unwanted) thoughts, urges or images about Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD along with compulsive, repetitive behaviors or mental acts aimed at reducing anxiety/distress or preventing a feared outcome from happening, all of which cause distress and impairment in functioning.

Common Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD Obsessions: 

  • Unwanted sexual intrusive thoughts, often taboo in content
  • What if my mom/dad/loved one has sexually abused me in the past and I just don’t remember it?
  • What if I want to have sex with my mom/dad/family member? Am I attracted to them?
  • What if I am attracted to inanimate objects? Was I aroused by that?
  • What if I’m attracted to my dog/cat/pet? What if I want to have sex with them?
  • What if I touched this item to my butt and gave it to someone else and that’s sexual assault because they didn’t consent to touching my butt?
  • What if I accidentally (or on purpose) touch my coworker inappropriately?
  • What if I shout out a sexually inappropriate comment or joke?
  • What if I want to have sex with my therapist? My best friend? My religious leader or higher power? Strangers?
  • What if I’m pregnant/get an STD even though I haven’t had sex (i.e. from a toilet seat)?

Common Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD Core Fears:

  • Being a bad person
  • Loss of identity
  • Feeling judged, rejected, ashamed, disconnected, inferior

Common Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD Compulsions:

  • Excessive rumination
  • Trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts
  • Checking feelings and sensations
  • Confessing
  • Self-reassurance
  • Avoidance
  • Mental reviewing

**Please note: themes help us get more information out to individuals suffering with OCD, but anything can become obsessive and/or compulsive and themes can overlap. It’s also important to remember that the content of OCD is not important, it’s all the same mechanisms responding to different triggers. We recommend working with a therapist trained in ERP.

Stay Brave! The OCD MN Team