Hello Brave one! 


With all the season’s greetings, practicing self-love can sometimes be pushed to the back burner. Take a few minutes to practice one of the following exercises in self-love:

  • Write on your body with body paint or marker

  • Treat yourself to a relaxing bath

  • Get a massage

  • Write yourself a love note

  • Express gratitude (outloud) to your body and state how each body part helps you throughout the day

  • Dress up in your favorite outfit and take some selfies

  • Nourish yourself with a home cooked meal, smoothie or tea

However you choose to celebrate yourself, remember to engage each of the senses (when possible) to heighten the experience. You can always share your experiences with a friend or loved one. Who knows, perhaps they need a little self-love too!


Stay Brave!

The OCD MN Team