OCDMN Website Scavenger Hunt

How much to you know about OCD? How well do you know us at OCDMN? Test your knowledge and sleuthing skills with a fun scavenger hunt! All answers can be found within this website.

When complete, submit your answers using the form on this page. Scavenger hunt submissions will be entered into a raffle. Prizes include prints and badges from OCD Doodles, OCDMN swag, and signed copies of books by Jon Hershfield, Chrissie Hodges, and Neil Hilborn.

Good luck!

  1. According to our website, which of our therapists treat childhood disorders?
  2. What are the names of our therapists’ dogs?
  3. What is another name for “Just Right” OCD?
  4. Where can you sign up for our newsletter?
  5. In what city is the physical location of our office?
  6. What is another name for Hair Pulling Disorder?
  7. Under the Services tab, what treatment modalities are available at OCDMN?
  8. When is the weekly group therapy session held?
  9. Under what tab will you find information on Black Mental Health Resources?
  10. What year did our therapists launch the OCDMN collaborative?
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