Check out these OCD Instagram Accounts

Looking for some supportive and inspirational Instagram accounts to follow? Here are a few pages we love to aid you in your recovery:

PureOChrissie: Chrissie Hodges is a Peer Support Specialist/OCD Resource Consultant and Author. Her Instagram page is full of helpful tips, resources, and Chrissie’s own journey in her OCD recovery.

Follow Chrissie on Instagram here

OCDdoodles: Laura is an OCD advocate and her Instagram page is full of doodles made especially by her that explain OCD, ERP, and her own journey in recovery.

Follow Laura on Instagram here

APenny4YourIntrusiveThoughts: Cassie and Darcy created this Instagram account to encourage individuals with OCD to anonymously share their intrusive thoughts without judgment. This page is a great reminder that you are not weird, you are not bad, and you are certainly not alone.

Follow Cassie & Darcy on Instagram here

And, of course, a shameless plug for our own Instagram account!

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