Hello Brave One!

We want to shine a spotlight on two helpful tools for BFRBs:

Derma Resource Packet

This lovely packet was put together by the Picking Me Foundation. Inside you will find several helpful resource sheets with helpful tips for managing BFRBs throughout the seasons. In addition to practical tips to minimize triggers and maintain self care, you will also find information on helpful and healthy skin and nail care practices. The packet also includes recommendations for fidgets that target various sensory needs, bandaids, and some swag. There are also art and writing prompts you may post to #PickingMe to share your story or browse through other posts to witness the courage of others during their journey. This packet costs $15 and can be purchased at the link listed above. 

TLC SciLit Review 2021 Zine

The goal of this beautiful little zine is to make research on BFRBs accessible to the general public. 

Stay Brave! -The OCD MN Team