Thanks to HabitAware for helping sponsor our events and activities for OCD Awareness Week 2020!

OCD & Anxiety Awareness Week takes place each year in October. In 2020, the dates were October 11-17th. OCDMN partnered with experts and individuals suffering from OCD to help increase awareness, share resources, and spread hope. Although the week is over, we’re leaving the resources and insight available to view throughout the year. You can  watch the videos and interviews below, and view our curated art gallery.


Watch the curated interviews below for more insight into OCD & Anxiety as well as your own journey!

Being Black with OCD

A conversation with Almah LaVon Rice and Valerie Andrews about being women of color living with OCD.

This is a collection of 10 video clips from an interview done by Erin and Jayme. All videos will play in succession, or you can click on the playlist icon in the upper right corner of the video to directly select the clip you want to watch.

About Bryan Piatt

Bryan Piatt is a former anchor and reporter, and current producer, at KARE 11 News in the Twin Cities. He’s also the co-founder of the Refresh Network – which is an online platform aimed at bringing conversations around healing & mental health to light – and encouraging others to lean into the journey of life.

In 2019 Bryan opened up publicly about his own journey with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He openly discusses his experience of having panic attacks on live television and how understanding his struggles with OCD has been a key piece in his healing. By sharing his own story, he hopes to let others know they aren’t alone in their struggle.

Bryan encourages people to invite anxiety, fear and doubt “along for the ride,” explore the art of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and show up for their lives.

About Neil Hilborn

Neil Hilborn is a best-selling author and, with over 150 million views to his credit, he is the most-watched poet ever. He has performed in 41 states and 8 countries, and in 2019 alone he drove coast to coast five times while on tour. One time on stage he accidentally punched the microphone and broke his wedding ring, and thanks to years of therapy he did not interpret this as a sign. His preferred stage entrance music is “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen, during which he walks very slowly. In addition to touring and writing he runs workshops on craft, performance, and how to apologize for ignoring texts. He is originally from Houston, Texas, where he learned how to escape from mosquitoes and hurricanes, and he now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife, two rabbits, and very good dog.

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