Hello Brave One!


Embrace the Chill

Make friends with winter by trying a new winter activity. Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snow fort building, photography.


Bring nature in by buying yourself flowers or a new plant. Explore the fresh produce aisle at the grocery store and pick out some yummy vegetables to eat. Engage all the senses when cooking up this healthy meal.

Find the light

Put up christmas lights or fairy lights

Get a happy light

Find ten minutes to enjoy the outside

Replace some bulbs with daylight full spectrum bulbs

Light a candle

Warm up

Get in a sauna, hot tub or a warm bath

Cuddle up with your loved one or pet under a cozy blanket

Purchase some fuzzy flannel pajamas


There are many ways to cope with the harshness of winter. Utilize the skills you have learned to help guide you and make notes for next year on what worked. Whatever you do to navigate the cold and the dark remind yourself that this too shall pass.


Stay Brave!

The OCD MN Team