What would you like people to know about you as a therapist?

I take things step by step. We work together. I appreciate your honesty and the strength you show when working with your anxiety. I want to create a plan that works for you. That means coming up against your fears, but at your pace. Ultimately, I work for you and I want to help you achieve your goals and gain freedom in your life to make choices based on your values.

What made you want to specialize in ERP?

When I first started working with ERP I immediately noticed the reduction in anxiety many people saw when doing exposures. My clients benefited from the therapy quickly, they learned to do exposures independently, and eventually, some only needed to come in for treatment on a “maintenance” basis versus weekly sessions. I love that each individual can learn exposure therapy and can take the skills needed without creating a dependency on the therapy and thus not draining the bank account.

ERP allows me to think creatively. Although the scaffolding of ERP is the same for each individual, the content changes from person to person. I get to tap into my Art mind, bring forth the visuals, and engage with the client on a deeper level.

How has ERP impacted your life?

ERP has taught me to live more fully in a way that allows me to not turn away from my own feelings or sensations. I have learned to be more present and open to what may come. ERP has especially been helpful in my parenting as I have learned to be less rigid with my expectations and more open to the chaos unfolding.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to be active and, by that, I mean creative. When I am not working with clients or researching I like to be with my family, my animals or my garden. Recently, I have been ever evolving into my roles as mother, partner, nature lover and artist. I find that when I have ways to be creative, I am happier. I struggle with the process of whatever I am working on and there are setbacks. But I grow from them and I learn. Such is life. Although I enjoy making many types of art, lately, I have been dyeing more fabrics using natural materials I forage with my kids and dog. I use this fabric to cover journals. Then I fill the journals with all sorts of ramblings. I enjoy art even though the product is often not up for display in a professional capacity. For me it is the process. The failures and the pitfalls. The complete change in plans and the lapse of judgements. The pure joy when things work out and the satisfaction of when your vision is brought forth and created.

What would you say to people who are on the fence about Exposure Therapy?

Schedule a phone call with a provider who knows ERP well to learn more. ERP is a process, we don’t go for the big stuff right away. We will work together and get there piece by piece. You are an active participant in your own care and therapy and together we can create a plan that fits your needs.