Hello Brave one!


We wanted to drop in to provide a simple and straightforward method to help during those challenging times. The technique called “Improve the Moment” is from the DBT work of Marsha Linehan used to assist people experiencing depression or anxiety. Check out the acronym below for some help navigating strong and intense emotions.

I Imagery: Imagine a place that is welcoming, safe and beautiful. Use sensory information to describe this real or imagined place.

M Meaning: Find purpose in what you are experiencing or what you are doing in the moment. How does this moment connect to your goals for the day?

P Place/Prayer: Connect with your God/Gods or Goddess/Goddesses, your higher self, the universe, your spirit guides, ancestors or nature.

R Relaxation: Find a way to improve the moment with a relaxation technique, take five deep breaths, untense your muscles, use some scented lotion, light a candle or go for a walk.

O One: Improve the moment by focusing on one aspect of the moment. Focus on the moment rather than reliving the past or predicting the future.

V Vacation: Find a way to take a five minute vacation by taking a walk or sitting outside or even going to a friend’s house. Make it brief with the intention of taking a break from usual activities.

E Encouragement: You can do this! Practice some positive affirmations. If you struggle with this, say to yourself what would you say to a loved one or a friend?

Create your own list detailing some examples for each letter. Place it in your wallet, pocket or backpack making it easier to use when needed. Individualize your list for your own needs and utilize this when you feel you need to make the moment more tolerable.


Stay Brave!

The OCD MN Team


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