Combination Skills Practice: Affirmation + Thought Defusion

An infused technique to try today: verbalizing thoughts by affirmation + thought defusion

– Affirming Anxiety –

“I am having the thought that ________________
and my anxiety level is at a ____”

“My body is feeling (hot, tight, heavy, heart palpitations).
My rating is at a ___”

“It has been a few minutes since my anxiety has gone up.
My rating is at a ___”

– Affirmation of Uncertainty –

“I am not sure I know the answer or that I will ever know the answer”
“Maybe.” “Who knows?” “Que sera sera”

– Affirmation of Possibility –

“I estimate the possibility of that happening at 30%”
Look at the evidence.
Thought Challenging.

– Affirmation of Difficulty –

“That would be hard if that would happen. But I have been strong through my anxious thoughts before and I can be strong through this one too.”